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Smashing several good radio stations in one basket.


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Assalamualaikum visitors!

Do you frequently listen to Radio IKIM, Rangkaian Nur Islam and NasyidFM? If yes, this is the site you will ever need. It's simple and easy to use! Happy zikr-ing!

"Surely by Allah's remembrance are the hearts set at rest." [ar-Ra'd, verse 28]

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1) Use Firefox or Google Chrome.
2) Although you are not currently using Firefox or Chrome, I STRONGLY suggest you to download and start using it. They're free and make your browsing experience faster!
3) If nothing works, put the blame on the radio server. Your computer is completely in a fine condition ;)

Contact me if the problem persists. hembusan [et] gmail [dot] com. Alternatively, hit me at I also run Roman Jalanan blog.

Radio IKIM Online

A Malaysian Radio Station

Please be patient with this radio channel. Sometimes the streaming quality and connectivity are up to no good.

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Rangkaian Nur Islam

This is a Brunei Radio Station

The concept is identical to IKIM. Personally I prefer this station.

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An independent radio station runs by ______?

Truth be told, I know very little about this new online radio station. I think, the official site is yet to be fully finalized, especially in terms of usability. However the streaming quality of this channel, I can assure you, is at the highest quality. Kudos to whosoever behind this.

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